Booking links for your Relationship path Mapping journey

Welcome 🌱 I'm so looking forward to guiding you to map your personal relationship path!

If all is well, you have received a link and password to your personal Miro self-inquiry board. Please start with the first step, and keep track of the yellow sticky notes to know when to contact me (via e-mail or WhatsApp) to ask for the next step.

Counseling sessions
At certain points in your journey we will have 1-on-1 counseling sessions on Zoom, to discuss and address patterns that came up. You can book these 1 hour 'Relationship path Mapping Counseling Sessions' on this page (just below this text).

Instruction calls ('quick steps')
Occasionally, we might jump on quick (non-counseling) calls for me to give you instructions I can't give via Miro, or answer questions about the mapping process, that can't be answered via e-mail or WhatsApp. You can book a 15 minute 'Relationship path Mapping quick step call' at the bottom of this page.

Mini check-in calls (customized untangling support)

There might be instances when you have an urgent question or require emotional support, while the next counseling session is still some time away. Or perhaps, in addition to your ongoing journey, you could benefit from extra reminders or 'pit stops' in between sessions - or to consolidate lessons after a completed trajectory. Though these fall outside of your Mapping trajectory, you are welcome to book one! Please check this page for more info.