Like in any good story, I'm not the only one you'll encounter on your journey to help you.

On this page, I mention other professionals with whom I enjoy collaborating, such as movement therapists.

But also other relationship experts and (broader or non-relationship-focused) therapists that I can recommend to you - in addition to or as an alternative to my services.

With some of these colleagues (see notes in bold), I have closer collaborations, making it possible to explore parts of your relationship landscape with two guides. Contact me for the possibilities and conditions.

Movement, yoga, breathwork, and nutrition experts:

It's a particularly good idea to not only engage in emotional self-care while exploring your relationship path, but also physical self-care. The following professionals complement my work perfectly: what they do, I cannot, and vice versa. So, if you're looking for more specific bodywork to support you during your relationship pathwork, you'll find inspiration below!

Christiana of Out of your mind Shiatsu massage in Wageningen / Arnhem

Christiana and I offer joint trajectories. Additionally, we are creating workshops combining relationship path work and Qi Gong. Inquire about the possibilities!

Sophie, Marieke, Jurgen and Suzy of Sofysio in Wageningen (fantastic physiotherapists - each with another specialism!)

Ronald of InnRchi Osteopathy in Wageningen

Yoga in various shapes and sizes by Ynske Ackerman, Maartje van Lieshout, and Yolanda Qualm of Vital Energy Center (tip: also available online and in English!)

Contact us for a (group) workshop where we combine Relationship Space work (individual or for couples) with yoga and other posture work!

I have had good experiences with breathwork by Marjon v Opijnen of Embodiment Lab.

And because nutrition is naturally a key element to feeling better in your own skin, I recommend Dave, Steve, and Darragh Flynn from the Happy Pear. Be sure to check out their YouTube channel for tips and recipes!

Other relationship therapists and coaches:

Connection means collaboration! Below, I recommend colleagues who are involved in relationship work in different or complementary ways to mine. This is useful if, for example, you're looking for traditional couples therapy, have advanced questions about sex, or need help when you don't feel safe at home.

Anke Verhees of Connection Lab (EFT therapist)

Buro Nij in Wageningen

Are you looking for a sexologist? Then check the registry of the NWS

For people with questions/issues around sexuality & lhbtqia+: Sinsia

I sincerely hope you never need this, but if you feel unsafe or trapped at home: in you live in the Netherlands, the Blijf Groep website provides many relevant ways to ask for help. You can also chat for free and call Veilig Thuis 24/7 at 0800-2000. Call 112 in case of immediate danger.

There's a lot of clutter on Insta, but there are also gems! Here are my top 3 favorite Insta accounts for relationship inspiration:

Jillian Turecki 

Hailey Paige Magee

Matthias Barker

Non-relationship-specific therapists & coaches:

Sometimes, we find ourselves on paths where our work intersects with issues that are not specifically related to relationships but still require attention. If you are seeking broader or non-relationship-focused specialised assistance in other areas, I am happy to refer you to:

It's always a good idea to start with the practice nurse (POH - GGZ) at your local general practitioner's office.

Saskia Zwijnenburg,

listening coach and founder of Luisterschool (Wageningen/online).

I collaborate closely with Saskia, particularly in listening to relationships within larger groups. See also

Hajnal Joy Nemeth, transpersonal therapist, at the Sophia Institute (in Hongarije - zowel in het Hongaars als het Engels)

With Hajnal I offer join trajectories and even sessions. Contact us to inform about the possibilities.

Margreet van den Toorn, MSc. psychologist, creative therapist and EMDR-therapist at the Sinderhoeve in Renkum.

For trauma processing and self-esteem work.

Sajid van Waveren of the praktijk voor lichaamsgerichte psychotherapie in Amersfoort

Emrah Yolaç, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and author (Istanbul, Turkey/online - voornamelijk in het Turks)

Selin Aksoy of the Private Selin Atasoy Counseling Center, for work with families and children (Izmir & Urla, Turkey - zowel in het Turks als in het Engels consulten mogelijk.)

Joel Young, therapist and founder of the NPA Process (NPA stands for non-personal awareness). He offers 1-on-1 online sessions as well as courses in English. He also has a podcast.